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Raw Materials Quality Assurance Program

Graphtek LLC developed and implemented comprehensive quality assurance program that covers wide range of domestic and overseas manufactured grades of graphite. There are two main categories of materials that determine the degree of our quality control efforts: a) materials we buy from ISO-9000 certified producers and b) materials we buy from NON-ISO certified companies.

All materials we buy from domestic and overseas ISO certified manufacturers come with a full "Product Quality Certification". In addition to this, Graphtek LLC developed the tracebility procedures insuring identity of every "production lot" and tracing it to the "warehouse lot" and finally to a "release lot".

For non-ISO certified manufacturers Graphtek LLC developed its own quality assurance program that covers:

  • On-site production control
  • On-site product inspection
  • Manufacturer’s product data sheet
  • Independent SGS testing at the port of origin
  • Testing by certified US laboratory of every shipment received in the US
  • Complete tracebility of production lots and received shipments in our warehouses

In addition to manufacturers’ certifications, Graphtek LLC will issue its own Certificate of Conformance and provide a SDS with every shipment.


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